Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swell Maps "Whatever Happens Next"

With members including Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks, this English group did little to repel themselves of attractiveness towards the insanity prospective. Unfortunately, both have since passed, so there's no chance of throwing them on your ATP; Sonic Youth would have been there already, anyway.

Swell Maps are a group that could be considered remarkably akin to the Neu Deutsch Welle featured on the record from the last post. Their part in the birth of post-punk to me was less of an inspiration to what that genre would become in the early eighties to what it actually became with the revival in the late nineties and the immediate progression into the early twenty first century. Asides from such counterparts as This Heat, this English project was quite unique in its own right for a few years, and still retains an identity with integrity to this very day. "What Happens Next" is a collection of quite peculiar assortments from their very early days (1974) onwards, and although not quite the opal of their corpus, it's a great view into the remarkable world of Swell Maps.

The following text with jam button potential comes with thanks to the blog Wilfully Obscure, which I hope doesn't mind my using of it:

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

VA - Cassettencombinat Berlin 1980 - 81

"On the one hand, West Berlin provided a home for people who had run away from other places where their creativity was being stunted. On the other hand it was a paradise for all kinds of exhibitionists and posers, because it was possible to become someone pretty quickly – simply because it was a village-type community and also because no one could check up on your background.

"Reinventing both yourself and music. That was the nature of the time and the basic concept of the Neubauten: "We will push the boundaries of music till there's no music left." Our aim was to totally destroy music."

Quoted from an interview with Alexander Hacke

... and then they all moved East. Took this from "Square Dancing In A Round House". Most highlighted experience from my listening has so far been that of Borsig Werke.


Madrigal for the gals

Moving into my manor, ye uncountable youth? It's be my pleasure; understand that my excuses come from the blood banger, and for the most part I am a gentleman and an honest grave digger. How funny it is that the man can gyrate through realms of the spectacular, and subterranean gloom.

The hilarity is the child of reality's provocation.

Two things to do this week: