Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Archiving diatribes and the likes

The following is one of quite literally over a hundred rambles, half of which are diatribes, the other being the antipodal accolade, of which I have written either tired, stoned or drunk. Many of them deal with political or sociological digest, also there are a lot on football and scientific panorama. Being that I seldom get stoned or drunk right now, it has been hilarious to go over these, and they are all from quite a while ago. This, however, is from 2010 I believe. I intend no seriousness for the following, or anything else that may follow. However, if you're reading this blog, you're one of a handful of people, all of which that know me well enough to know how I can be provocative by the creation of non-sense, and riddle...

Jackie Ashley, so called voice of progressive reason for the Guardian, wrote an article titled, 'Do women leaders have to be childless forty-somethings?' on Monday. It's definitely the most provocative mentioning of the "Coalition of Chaps" I've read so far, and with that I have entitled myself with the privilege of writing one of my first political diatribes in quite a while. Yes, Etonities bother me, as do nearly all Conservative party members and the party itself. I don't think I could recall a moment in which I could really have considered such a man my brother, but their continued popularity, and inherent inability to pride the 'positive' conservative values, are a 'blessing' on our nation. A nation held up by immensely ridiculous traditions, one of which provides a lack of an ATV system.

I'm aggravated by the quarrel over gender and race in politics right now, both most profound in the duality of cabinet ministers, and the Labour leadership race. Beginning with the former, the what race is their face question is hollow. Jackie talks of a government mirroring society, well, with the current first past the post in your constituency system, we'll find that most constituencies are represented by Whites, being that they're the prominent ethnicity in that in the United Kingdom (92.1%). In constituencies without such a larger majority of Whites, we see examples of minorities representing the demographic.
Now, of course I don't support voting based on the colour of your skin, or your gender. This attitude that she is discussing has only semblance with the draconian practices in politics that so long denied non-Whites and women votes in the first place. To exceed the expectations of our times, in regards to racial and gender equality, surely those that are pragmatically involved in politics -- critics, politicians -- need to be talking about principles for now, and disregarding the regurgitation of the history of a lack of principles altogether.
Therefore, in a society that had the testes (enjoy that, those that cry), we'd be voting and supporting on our beliefs and principles, on the contrary to voting on our judgement of the past. Whilst Jackie briefly touches on her apparent non-belief in the symbolism of the vote, but the experiences of the people as necessary, I don't think she can make a clear distinction between the two.
She bemoans the lack of representation in both cabinet and leadership race, but where is the drive of these people she desires to fulfil the United Colours of Britainetton? In her world, that is apparently so attentive to fairness as opposed to virtue (a world of correctness that blankets the UK so much), is the cabinet representative of the nation's demographic? Do we have to be so naive? I believe that the power of the minority-elect, based on the case of their very election being on their basis, is not as vigorous enough as a progressive society voting on liberty, and confidently forgetting such inequalities in political history, due to major strides way further away from a savage history -- much grander leaps than an inertial obsession with the 'fairness paradox'. 'King Lamus' once said that it is paradoxically absurd that to forget something, it is quite ironic that repeating what that it is to yourself may do the very trick. Whilst I find that notion quite actually true, in this case I think it's not quite the truth.

Jackie, I need to hear voices on immigration and education that represent my beliefs, and whomever does that gets my vote. Of course, there aren't many politicians in this business that do. On education, for example, I am however quite intrigued by the academies, as I am strongly against a Whitehall operated curriculum or anything that is reminiscent of an education system of the past, and not of now. On standardised curriculum in general: can't we all learn from Montessori? Only those Labour morons who consider themselves 'progressive', 'liberal' and for the better of society would write such nonsense. As much as it's been said elsewhere and everywhere: these partisans are all as ridiculous as each other.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Fucking Wrath are releasing an EP on October 19th, followed by a full length next year, both provided by Tee Pee Records, having signed to the label back in July. It should be mandatory for these blokes to release material regularly, and now we have a guarantee. Jubilant, having signed with the label, T.F.W. have reason to fit right in, as asides from being heavy enough to deserve a place in any gathering, they have been playing with members of Ancestors for sometime, who have released two records via Tee Pee. Having grown up as human beings and musicians in the same locality, much porridge stirring has occurred amongst these folk over the years; I myself recall my first show with Ancestors, of course at the time we were Elder (still purveyors of a genealogical context). T.F.W. were indeed on the bill as was Craig Kasamis' other band, Ox vs. Thunderbird, who I also consider as having been an infinitely wonderful group. Another member of "Ox" was Matt Barks, now a member of Ancestors, having conducted a magnificent passing of the torch ceremony with yours truly this summer. It should be noted that Matt also plays for Franklin For Short, who also hail from Ventura. Bob's your uncle and I'm your fathers brother; be careful with that gene pool, Eugene! Both T.F.W and Ancestors will be touring the Pacific North West this Fall.

T.F.W have of course been kicking around the block for a while, notorious for indulging in quantities of shows, including nationwide tours, notably one journey with the legendary Glass & Ashes. The EP won't be their first release either, as Challenge The Throne, a spectacular label run by Ventura degenrates Matt Kelley and Dr. Nick Quintinilla, released the vinyl version of a T.F.W. record, Seasons Of Evil, in 2007. Challenge The Throne is also responsible for providing us with Tweak Bird and Battletorn releases. So there's already a bunch to be heard from T.F.W., and with two impending releases from "the Wrath", I recommend a serious intrigue. Here's just a little extract from their bio, found on their website, of which is linked at the bottom of the post with some other relevant resources:

"...their songs are simultaneously heavy and fast, while cleverly infused with slower, droned-down riffs and sudden time changes... The band’s sound can be described as an amalgamation of groups such as Discharge, Black Flag, The Melvins and Kill ‘em All-era Metallica."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zap! BANG! Magazine Relaunched!

Zap! BANG! has just recently been redeveloped. Considering the site doesn't aim, with pretense, to horizontally merge with every part of the media business anymore, a more simplified and minimal design does it justice! So, changed it has, and it's online thanks to a server in New York, some blokes in England, and writers scattered everywhere.

I don't think there was anything wrong with some of the delusional 'big ideas' we had for what else it could be other than a magazine. Other than it being futile to not 'think grand', we very well could have also been influenced by various things ordered off the internet that at the time, eluded a costly set of continually amended, inane rules, devised by men for other men in 1971. I hope that's equivocal enough for the right people and sensible enough for the rest!

Now that the tangent is out of the way, I can provide a summary of Zap! BANG!, as never recorded. I got the idea one day, then I drew relevant pictures and wrote ideas for in one of my 2004 notebooks. I'd walk from 19 Alma Road to a house somewhere in the sixties if I believe, and I'd show Coxy sketches of the site, and he wonderfully made them a reality, going way beyond with a marvellous backend that humiliates Wordpress. The illustration was provided by Rob Guillory, who was eventually found by Mort Garson, who had kindly travelled the world on my behalf, scouting for a decent bloke to provide decent comic stuff. Since then Rob has gone through quite a bit of ink and material, a link shall be provided.

Since then, we've had lots of great articles, written by contributors ranging from English friends to postgraduates in cities across the world. The most significant of course are Philip 'Brighton' Hoile, and 'Mental' Mike Barnard, who currently run the magazine as editors and regular contributors. Both work in the very industries that are the focus of their journalistic skills, yet still contribute articles in their spare time, simply with an avid enjoyment of doing so. If I am correct, it was around time I left Berlin that I fell of the map with contributing and running the thing in general, and if it wasn't for them, and of course still Coxy, it wouldn't still be going. I feel much gratitude indeed, yet I wonder if I offer that enough in person when we and some contributors get together in Soho a couple of times a year, as coming back to the way a pint of your fancy is decimated back home usually provides all sorts of debauchery.

I did intend for this to be a briefer post, but whilst writing it I realised that would have denied the magazine deserved justice. Go have a read, and make contact should you even wish to contribute. Once more, thanks to the countless contributors, friend or stranger.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Multinauts // The Multiverse

Good old Brett Hanson, the new Busy Bee around town, recently took time out of the "Lost Night" project, a back to back story classic, in which we are collaborating, to work on editing "The Multinauts", a brand new show from Los Angeles, directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford. In all seriousness, his involvement with the animation is of course beyond the priority of some smut-fueled chronicles of our own devised degenerates. Two episodes have just this week been released, both well worth watching right this moment. You can find one on the other Kaleidomagorics 'personality'. 

The Multinauts Website provides a synopsis, giving an insight of the aesthetic considerations and methods used in creating the show. 

It's also great to see 'Papa' Riley Swift in the writing credits, alongside writers Christine Adolph and of course Jennifer Juniper Stratford. The show also provides some affinitive guest appearances.

Here's congratulating everyone involved:

Direction and Special Effects by Jennifer Juniper Stratford 
Written by Christine Adolph, Riley Swift, and Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Edited by Brett Hanson
Music by Elan Polushko and Seth Nemec

Friday, October 8, 2010


A pictorial reference for the "Diatribes & Fairy Tales" extract:

Go on, 'Person': 'Posit' your 'Perspective'! // MEADOWS OF TIME LEFT

This evening, for a brief moment, I gave myself the impression that making small posts in support of the activity and projects of friends, in particular that which I enjoyed personally, wouldn't probably last long. Even as a five minute procedure that I value, purely as a gesture of patronage, it just may not last. Actually, at this point, I can't believe how far I have pursued it. I was just contemplating the likeliness of losing my attention, and the capability of being leisurely with my attention (I am currently ecstatic at the leaps and bounds I have made with my current literary projects and research -- being here right now is my conclusive winding down for the night).

However, having just endured a saddening realisation via a received, contemptible effort at patronising and criticising spectral issues my own ego apparently contends with, I am grateful for the unknowing providing me with the diversion I required. Seeing how and what little was said decried my own delusional conjecture of still considering there to be some form of 'sentient going on' with the subject and matter, a delusion that has unfairly stood its ground in my mind mud for too long of time. Looking at my watch, I realise that the time is now, the tick tock giving my mind a clock. I cannot saunter through the 'meadows of life left', directed onwards -- or for that batter backwards -- by the dandelions grown on lower plateaus, and rambling shoots that lack the conviction I seek, regardless of the very potential for that conviction to be futile itself. Give me the Helianthus annuus, and I will be galvanised by the irony of my compass, a parabolic spiral that sends me onwards and upwards. There can be nothing but respect for the sincere seeking sincerity, the reflective observing reflection, or the capricious to request caprice!

In fact, I am embarrassed for the personage of this particular Act, and their self-imposed, yet unintended conundrum: an abortive fantasy within a fantasy. To elaborate further, I consider it a saddening, whispered rattle of mind beams; a tear jerking phenomenon. And for the spirited, assuming chap that's the protagonist of episodes ingrained in my past, well if he had known about all of this, there most certainly would have been a 'soul destroyer' manifestation within self and space. Thankfully of course this is only an observational what could have been, and not a written history of termination itself, for back then I'm not quite sure if I was aware that souls can be re-sown; every next plant is taller than the last Sunflower (Star Death II can be surpassed by an accord with Soul Ra).

Conclusively, I am quite content to be ending my evening with these blog posts on the momentum of affiliates, no matter how lightweight they could be considered. I am clearly too tired to maintain any serious developments with the grail itself! Talking of which, it is definitely time to retire to sleep, a privilege for a weary mind.

(a contemporary extract from an ongoing project, firmly under a fictional disclaimer for the lack of affording better bollocks. An extract clearly presented out of its context, and without synopsis, it is prone to ambiguity and miscomprehension)

(working title: "Diatribes and Fairytales")


Caleb and Ashton of Tweak Bird are currently touring Europe. It's been quite a customary thing of theirs, touring Europe that is. At the date of this posting, it seems they shall be playing none other than West Germany in Berlin tonight, a place I attended somewhat regularly, yet not in all of nearly five years. After, they will be 
heading down in the direction of the Adriatic, eventually heading West and then North, ending in 'Blighty'.

When in England, they will be playing the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, plus a string of other dates across the UK. Supersonic, throughout all its incarnations so far, has been consensually heralded as a great festival, without dispute. This year, you'll be able to see Tweak Bird, plus such acts as Swans, Hallogallo, Napalm Death, Chrome Hoof, and Godflesh. So cue your copy of Street Cleaner right now and go off to induce excited anticipation. The festival is clearly the same weekend as Live Evil, yet they will clearly both 'go off'.

Also, Tweak Bird have just ever so recently released their self-titled, debut LP. Produced and recorded by Deaf Nephews, we finally have a full release to capture the stand alone character of the brothers' song-writing, complimented by inspired woodwinds from another Carbondale native, John McCowen (props to Brotzmann and the likes on your behalf, John!), and of course recorded in delightful fashion by Toshi and Dale: a grand sound to ensure a required justice. Tweak Bird have previously released material with Challenge The Throne (more on them to come in an impending post), and with Volcom, in particular their EP, Reservations. In November, they will return to Europe, to play Primavera in Spain. The following links will take you to where you want to go, plus to be supportive of Doug Miles and for a general reminiscence, a link related to a Tweak Bird experience from another time and place shall be thrown into the fray.

Tweak Bird
Capsule's Supersonic Festival
Douglas Miles: 21st Century Apache

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Live Evil // London Festival // Curated by Fenriz

Here's wishing good luck to Marek, amongst many things a provider of quality Seven Sisters experiences, and Live Evil festival, organised by Marek Steven and Mark Lewis. Held at Camden's Underworld, it's coming up real soon on the 23rd and 24th October. The following is from the Live Evil website:

One unholy weekend will see brutal performances from the very best underground metal from all over the planet. Live Evil is a 100% true metal festival, curated by Darkthrone’s legendary Fenriz, with all acts taken from his own ‘Band of the Week’ MySpace blog. Live Evil handpicks the truest cutting edge black metal, thrash, speed, death, heavy metal, metal punk and doom for two days of no-bullshit, real metal carnage.

One band I'll mention, keeping Swedish as I am right this moment listening to I Denna Samling by White, is Ghost, not of course the Ghost of Hypnotic Underworld. Playing Roadburn 2011, I believe these guys have soon got a full length out on Rise Above Records, which alone gives reason for a warranted attention.  Below are links to the Live Evil site, and an interview with Ghost conducted by Marek.

Michael Stearns // Planetary Unfolding // "Light Beam"

One of the records I listened to tonight was Planetary Unfolding. Released in 1981. Just after that, in 1982, he built "The Beam", a twelve foot long acoustic instrument strung with 24 piano strings. I'll never fail to be excited by strange, unique and great sounding developments, nor an apparently material love for how ridiculously mental they often looked. The following photograph is Michael, no doubt avec some wondrous and quite possibly indeterminable rationale and musical philosophy doing the twist in his extra terrestrial brain. I believe that the end of the world control device he is seen by is actually the Serge Modular Music System, which all children should get one Christmas. Unfortunately, I never did.

"What I hope is transferred to the listener of my music is a certain depth. I think the depth that I am really speaking of is that we as human beings are the artistic process here on the planet, as individuals, groups, countries and as a global experience. What we create and think of as our artistic outpouring, be it music, the painted art, a sculpture or just a beautiful dinner that we might create for somebody, are really metaphors or hieroglyphics for the depth of our own participation in the moments that we create them. I hope that this depth creates a context for other people to experience deeper things inside of themselves."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Haxan Cloak (Bobby Krlic) / Double Album February 2011 / Richard Forbes-Hamilton

Friend Bobby Krlic's The Haxan Cloak will be releasing a self-titled debut LP in February 2011, on Aurora Borealis. With artwork from Stephen O' Malley, and Richard Forbes-Hamilton, also a friend of ours, we're all excited for Bobby and what will no doubt be an exciting record for prospective listeners. Self-recorded, and described as, "One-man solo noise/drone/weird project. Hand-made percussion, cellos, violins and unavoidable-yet-escalating tinnitus. Rock on",  expect a grand listening experience and a vehicle for ego travel! Both Bobby and Richard reside in London, having originally met each other studying in Brighton.

On Richard, I'm also jubilant that he is providing artwork for the record, as not only a friend of Bobby's, but as an impressive young artist in general. However, this is not Richard's first contribution to album art, having worked with Asva for What You Don't Know Is Frontier. Outside of painting, video and other visual mediums, Richard is also a musician. A link to his work will be featured below too.

Contributors to the record include Mikhail Karikis, Liam Sparkes & Ultre. There will be limited edition pressings, and an even more limited release of cassettes released by the label this Halloween. There will be live experiences to coincide with the releases, in the UK area of course. If I don't lose interest in this blog, there will be more on both Bobby and Richard again soon.

The Haxan Cloak
THC w/ Liam Sparkes
Aurora Borealis
Richard Forbes-Hamilton: Gallery
RFH: Sounds
RFH: Video