Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eccentricity, as a human condition, could denote a marked genesis upon ones timeline (THE REAL BEGINNING OF SOMETHING IV).


1). Dutch engineers are great with water. However, it seems inconceivable that they'll be able to put a plug on the North Sea. Is there a covert protocol, where all resources in their genetic research are thrown into making massive beavers, who may build massive dams?

2). Organic will not save the world, in fact buying it blindly will do the exact opposite. Please grow your own food, and understand the truth about diet and agricultural sustainability.

3). The ways things are going, I'll have a broken leg by the next Fulham game.

4). Dude Man/Lost Night will be finished soon.

5). For the purpose of practice, will actually complete a short essay "Family moral code: the potential of cultural values as a determination of the nature of localised violent crime".

Lots more later, but have to dash.

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