Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Multinauts // The Multiverse

Good old Brett Hanson, the new Busy Bee around town, recently took time out of the "Lost Night" project, a back to back story classic, in which we are collaborating, to work on editing "The Multinauts", a brand new show from Los Angeles, directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford. In all seriousness, his involvement with the animation is of course beyond the priority of some smut-fueled chronicles of our own devised degenerates. Two episodes have just this week been released, both well worth watching right this moment. You can find one on the other Kaleidomagorics 'personality'. 

The Multinauts Website provides a synopsis, giving an insight of the aesthetic considerations and methods used in creating the show. 

It's also great to see 'Papa' Riley Swift in the writing credits, alongside writers Christine Adolph and of course Jennifer Juniper Stratford. The show also provides some affinitive guest appearances.

Here's congratulating everyone involved:

Direction and Special Effects by Jennifer Juniper Stratford 
Written by Christine Adolph, Riley Swift, and Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Edited by Brett Hanson
Music by Elan Polushko and Seth Nemec

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