Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zap! BANG! Magazine Relaunched!

Zap! BANG! has just recently been redeveloped. Considering the site doesn't aim, with pretense, to horizontally merge with every part of the media business anymore, a more simplified and minimal design does it justice! So, changed it has, and it's online thanks to a server in New York, some blokes in England, and writers scattered everywhere.

I don't think there was anything wrong with some of the delusional 'big ideas' we had for what else it could be other than a magazine. Other than it being futile to not 'think grand', we very well could have also been influenced by various things ordered off the internet that at the time, eluded a costly set of continually amended, inane rules, devised by men for other men in 1971. I hope that's equivocal enough for the right people and sensible enough for the rest!

Now that the tangent is out of the way, I can provide a summary of Zap! BANG!, as never recorded. I got the idea one day, then I drew relevant pictures and wrote ideas for in one of my 2004 notebooks. I'd walk from 19 Alma Road to a house somewhere in the sixties if I believe, and I'd show Coxy sketches of the site, and he wonderfully made them a reality, going way beyond with a marvellous backend that humiliates Wordpress. The illustration was provided by Rob Guillory, who was eventually found by Mort Garson, who had kindly travelled the world on my behalf, scouting for a decent bloke to provide decent comic stuff. Since then Rob has gone through quite a bit of ink and material, a link shall be provided.

Since then, we've had lots of great articles, written by contributors ranging from English friends to postgraduates in cities across the world. The most significant of course are Philip 'Brighton' Hoile, and 'Mental' Mike Barnard, who currently run the magazine as editors and regular contributors. Both work in the very industries that are the focus of their journalistic skills, yet still contribute articles in their spare time, simply with an avid enjoyment of doing so. If I am correct, it was around time I left Berlin that I fell of the map with contributing and running the thing in general, and if it wasn't for them, and of course still Coxy, it wouldn't still be going. I feel much gratitude indeed, yet I wonder if I offer that enough in person when we and some contributors get together in Soho a couple of times a year, as coming back to the way a pint of your fancy is decimated back home usually provides all sorts of debauchery.

I did intend for this to be a briefer post, but whilst writing it I realised that would have denied the magazine deserved justice. Go have a read, and make contact should you even wish to contribute. Once more, thanks to the countless contributors, friend or stranger.

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