Sunday, October 3, 2010

Travis Wyche / Aporiphic Miasma / Tristeza Artwork

Whilst I'm on a bender with these posts, one person that I cannot surely omit is Travis Wyche, who I met in the Ashby district of Berkeley some six years ago now. Having befriended each other thanks to a wonderful similarity in our consumption of philosophy, particularly the type we were munching on, plus the usual obsession with Music In Twelve Parts and the like, we've remained friends, and I'm always avidly excited with what to see from him next. Graduating from CCA, and now doing a postgraduate programme in Chicago at Artic, Travis has an insatiable appetite for the various mediums of art he's partaking in scholastically and personally, and also sonic experimentation with listless musical recordings. It would also be a shame to not mention a consistent and tasty dabbling with all things culinary!

Anyway, I'd just like to provide a link to his portfolio, and mention that he recently produced the album artwork for the new Tristeza record, featured below. Posting this has reminded me to watch that last Craig Baldwin film, Mock Up On Mu.

Aporiphic Miasma: The Portfolio of Travis Wyche

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