Sunday, October 3, 2010

LANTVRN / Not Enough Light

Friend Camerin Kelly has just released Not Enough Light, the debut LP of his band LANTVRN, which features Wimbledon AFC supporter, fellow countryman and former Nebula bassist Tom Davies. Locally released in the Los Angeles Ameoba, and via mail order, on CD and cassette, it comes with some silk screened artwork and packaging. The record was engineered earlier in the year by Samur Khouja, and produced by Bron Tieman (Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians), at Seahorse Sound Studios. LANTVRN will be playing with Ancestors and others as part of the two night Tee Pee Records showcase, held at Spaceland later this month.

As I was just on the subject of some great video by a friend to support a track by a local act, it'd be criminal to not post the following video to this announcement, a piece by Natalie Rodgers for "PROLOGUE: The Swan Is Ecstasy". Natalie's video has intrigued me, like Maneesh, with some tantalising visual allegories, having seen the video for Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound, and the following for LANTVRN. The following links should provide all further information.

Natalie Rodgers

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