Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Haxan Cloak (Bobby Krlic) / Double Album February 2011 / Richard Forbes-Hamilton

Friend Bobby Krlic's The Haxan Cloak will be releasing a self-titled debut LP in February 2011, on Aurora Borealis. With artwork from Stephen O' Malley, and Richard Forbes-Hamilton, also a friend of ours, we're all excited for Bobby and what will no doubt be an exciting record for prospective listeners. Self-recorded, and described as, "One-man solo noise/drone/weird project. Hand-made percussion, cellos, violins and unavoidable-yet-escalating tinnitus. Rock on",  expect a grand listening experience and a vehicle for ego travel! Both Bobby and Richard reside in London, having originally met each other studying in Brighton.

On Richard, I'm also jubilant that he is providing artwork for the record, as not only a friend of Bobby's, but as an impressive young artist in general. However, this is not Richard's first contribution to album art, having worked with Asva for What You Don't Know Is Frontier. Outside of painting, video and other visual mediums, Richard is also a musician. A link to his work will be featured below too.

Contributors to the record include Mikhail Karikis, Liam Sparkes & Ultre. There will be limited edition pressings, and an even more limited release of cassettes released by the label this Halloween. There will be live experiences to coincide with the releases, in the UK area of course. If I don't lose interest in this blog, there will be more on both Bobby and Richard again soon.

The Haxan Cloak
THC w/ Liam Sparkes
Aurora Borealis
Richard Forbes-Hamilton: Gallery
RFH: Sounds
RFH: Video

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