Friday, October 8, 2010


Caleb and Ashton of Tweak Bird are currently touring Europe. It's been quite a customary thing of theirs, touring Europe that is. At the date of this posting, it seems they shall be playing none other than West Germany in Berlin tonight, a place I attended somewhat regularly, yet not in all of nearly five years. After, they will be 
heading down in the direction of the Adriatic, eventually heading West and then North, ending in 'Blighty'.

When in England, they will be playing the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, plus a string of other dates across the UK. Supersonic, throughout all its incarnations so far, has been consensually heralded as a great festival, without dispute. This year, you'll be able to see Tweak Bird, plus such acts as Swans, Hallogallo, Napalm Death, Chrome Hoof, and Godflesh. So cue your copy of Street Cleaner right now and go off to induce excited anticipation. The festival is clearly the same weekend as Live Evil, yet they will clearly both 'go off'.

Also, Tweak Bird have just ever so recently released their self-titled, debut LP. Produced and recorded by Deaf Nephews, we finally have a full release to capture the stand alone character of the brothers' song-writing, complimented by inspired woodwinds from another Carbondale native, John McCowen (props to Brotzmann and the likes on your behalf, John!), and of course recorded in delightful fashion by Toshi and Dale: a grand sound to ensure a required justice. Tweak Bird have previously released material with Challenge The Throne (more on them to come in an impending post), and with Volcom, in particular their EP, Reservations. In November, they will return to Europe, to play Primavera in Spain. The following links will take you to where you want to go, plus to be supportive of Doug Miles and for a general reminiscence, a link related to a Tweak Bird experience from another time and place shall be thrown into the fray.

Tweak Bird
Capsule's Supersonic Festival
Douglas Miles: 21st Century Apache

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